Mums & Bubs Tea

Mums & Bubs Tea


“Blended for mum, with baby’s tummy in mind.”



Nettle Leaf is believed to stimulate milk production and increase the supply of breast milk in breastfeeding mothers.

Caraway treats indigestion and is especially useful in relieving colic in the breastfeeding infant.

Fennel seeds have traditionally been used as food and medicine in the Chinese, Indian, Egyptian and Greek civilizations for centuries. The seeds are commonly used to treat several different gastrointestinal issues, but are most widely known as a remedy for gas in infants. They also stimulate the secretion of digestive and gastric juices while reducing inflammation of the stomach and intestines, thus facilitating proper absorption of nutrients from the food.

Aniseed helps digestive function and alleviates colic. Due to its milk revitalising impact, it is additionally used by breastfeeding mothers to enhance lactation.

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