You are not on your own. Almost 90% of Australians suffer from a sleeping disorder, with 30% having a severe sleeping disorder, and 5% experiencing chronic insomnia. Furthermore, as we age our sleep patterns change, it will generally take longer to fall asleep and the quality of sleep is reduced. The elderly also tend to … Read moreCAN’T SLEEP?

Winter – Time to rug up, eat walnuts & have acupuncture

Chinese Medicine encourages us to live in harmony with the seasons, and according to Chinese medicine theory, there are five seasons – winter, spring, summer, late summer, and autumn. Winter is the season of hibernation, when energy moves inward. A time of retreat and rest, when the Yin (night, female, cold) is dominant and the … Read moreWinter – Time to rug up, eat walnuts & have acupuncture

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